Deliver Business-Grade Applications with Excel VBA and SQL

Introducing my course: Beyond Excel Boundaries with Databases and SQL: High-Performing, Scalable Business Applications

Design the Database for Your Customer

You thought you have seen it all with Excel...

If you're skilled in Excel you know you can achieve a lot. However, the problem is that Excel cannot handle large tables very efficiently, does not allow for multiple users to work concurrently and poorly joins data from many tables to answer sophisticated business questions.

The bomb GAME CHANGER here is working with an external high-end database for storing, manipulating and querying data.

My course will take your Excel VBA skills to the next level by allowing you to discover the wonders of Relational Databases, design a proper schema for your business needs, develop and deliver highly scalable, performant, multi-user, professional applications.

The first module of this course is a complete primer about Databases and the SQL language, a skill that will serve you throughout your career as a business information systems specialist. I'm starting from zero and taking you to the most sophisticated use cases, including nested queries, locking and transactions.

Not only will you be able to design, develop and deliver business solutions with Excel as the front-end and a dedicated Database product is serving at the back-end, you will also apply SQL queries directly over Excel tables, as if they were stored in such a Database. This will result in super fast answers from your Excel data!

I presume you have already completed my first course in the program, or at least you are already well skilled in computer programming with Excel VBA. If you have not yet taken this introductory course, I strongly advise you complete it first, before you master Databases and SQL.

Did you know you can...

  Design dashboards that refresh quickly. Store and query massive amounts of data directly from an external Database

With Excel VBA you can connect to a standard Database product, effectively using Excel as the application's front-end.
In our course you will learn everything you need to know about Databases, install and work with the popular MySQL Database and write complex SQL queries to write and read data to/from the Database.
Having completed this fourth (and last) course in the program, you will be able to design, develop and deliver top-notch professional business applications for your customers!

Look what can happen to you after having completed this course

  • You will be Competitive: deliver Excel-based solutions with Database in half the time and cost compared with other technologies
  • You will stand Out: very few professional VBA + SQL programmers out there. Join this elite group of professionals
  • You will become a Valued Expert: in your company, you will become the best Excel expert people turn to for advise
  • You will discover an attractive opportunity: requires a small investment in learning with vast potential opportunities

I'm excited to invite you to take the fourth course in my program: Beyond Excel Boundaries with Databases and SQL: High-Performing, Scalable Business Applications

What you will get when enrolling to this course:
  • 11 hours in 31 recorded, hands-on sessions

Each session was carefully planned, its code was written and verified and the video was edited to reflect a balanced blend of slides lecture with hands-on demo.

The course is structured to build a gradual learning curve. With each session you conquer another goal, expand your skills and experience.

The harmonized planning and orchestration of the complete 4-course program delivers to you an un-matched combination of skill-sets, typically never found in a single, coherent and complete program.

  • 2 quizzes

Each module in the course closes with a quiz. The quiz is designed to measure your deep understanding of the material. Repeating a sentence you heard in the course is not enough to pass the quiz.

Only true understanding gained through practice leads to successful professionals - and that is what I aim for you!

  • 3 assignments

Writing code that works for real business needs will earn you the practice and skill you need. The assignments are engineered to confront you with real business challenges and are considered an important part of your training.

I always say: an assignment is your opportunity to express yourself!

  • Assignments' complete solutions: Excel VBA & SQL code for download

Download my suggestion for possible solutions to the assignments. This is complete, fully working solution that will expand and enrich your knowledge and techniques for implementing business challenges.

I explain my solution for each and every assignment in a dedicated, detailed session, so these are important lessons in and of themselves - don't skip those sessions!

Here is what you will discover in this course

Databases & SQL

In this module you'll learn one of the most required skill any business software professional needs: Databases & SQL. You will discover:

  • Introduction to Databases
  • Installing the MySQL DB Server
  • MySQL Server Data Types
  • The SQL Language: concepts and structure
  • SQL Data Definition: creating schema, tables
  • Assignment 8: Using SQL to create tables, indexes and relationships
  • Populating DB tables from CSV files
  • The SQL Select command: joins, scalar, aggregates, union, nested queries
  • MySQL Views
  • Advanced Insert and Update: with subqueries and joins
  • Transactions, Locks,  Isolation & Variables
  • Assignment 9: Extend the ERD, serve complex business reports and monthly updates using SQL

VBA to Database

In this module you'll learn how to develop business-grade, scalable applications with Excel as the front-end and MySQL DB at the back-end. You will discover:

  • Connecting Excel to MySQL DB Server
  • Installing the ODBC Connector to MySQL Server
  • Develop a rich library of generic, robust VBA functions for working with the MySQL DB Server: all CRUD operations and more.
  • Sanitize and adjust data as it travels between the MySQL DB Server and the Excel environment
  • Develop a complete process of presenting an Excel Chart using SQL queries over MySQL DB tables
  • Assignment 10: Using SQL to create tables, indexes and relationships
  • Populating DB tables from CSV files
  • The SQL Select command: joins, scalar, aggregates, union, nested queries
  • MySQL Views
  • Advanced Insert and Update: with subqueries and joins
  • Transactions, Locks,  Isolation & Variables
  • Assignment 10: Enrich your VBA to MySQL DB Server functions library and develop a customers management system allowing adding, updating and deleting customers maintained in the DB Server from Excel

VBA: Fast Excel Table Queries using SQL

In this module you'll learn how to apply SQL queries over Excel tables, as if they were DB tables. You will discover:

  • Excel VBA SQL syntax
  • Applying complex SQL commands, including multiple tables JOINS, to Excel tables and ranges
  • Assignment 11: Design and develop a dynamic Sales Dashboard for Excelarate Care - the customer we're serving throughout the course. Changing filters immediately refresh the Dashboard's elements from the DB.

Get a taste from the Course

About the First Course

Be sure to master Excel VBA before taking this advanced course. The FIRST course in my program: Computer Programming with Excel VBA will make you an Excel VBA master, ready to take up this advanced course.

Who am I and why I am the best guide for you


My name is Mor Sagmon. 30 years ago, I co-authored a book teaching advanced Macros in Lotus 1-2-3 (it was the popular "Excel" before Excel came to be). Back then I delivered my first project: a financial reporting system for The 4 Seasons Hotel.

After graduating Computer Science, Information Systems and Databases at the Technion Institute of Technology, I continued delivering software projects implemented in a wide array of technologies.

Having served as the CIO of Avgol, a manufacturing company, I experienced leading complex IT projects from the other side: now as a customer.

The best school for me was probably my 15 years with the business software giant, SAP. After leading large software projects with customers such as Bose, Chevron, Shell Trading and others, I moved on to less technical positions, including business development, cutting-edge research,  academia relations manager, and sales operations.

Today I combine my unique experience and expertise in technology and business, and deliver beautiful, intuitive to use business software solutions, mainly built with Excel VBA and the MySQL Database. This extensive breadth of knowledge and experience with real business customers, enables me to offer you the top guidance possible in becoming a successful business software consultant, and an expert Excel VBA programmer.

Some of my customers have this to say about me:

Andrew Dove, Scotland


"I have to say that I am very impressed with your course.

The major positives that I have observed so far are:

  • Clarity of explanation

  • Obvious authority on the subject matter

  • Getting into the more advanced areas

  • Value for money


Personally, I am planning to make VBA development and Excel training a full time occupation by the end of this year.  As such I may well be interested in your supervision offering further down the line".

Darren Dickey, VP Sales, Hospitality Designs

Mor is incredibly insightful. He thinks critically about the project and provides feedback and suggestions that improves on the scope. He was very responsive during the project and took great pride in the work he completed. I have no reservations in recommending him. I will be hiring him again for similar projects.

Rick Harris, Founder, Innovator-In-Chief, Customer Faithful Ltd

Great working with Mor. He took time and effort to discuss exactly what I needed, including suggestions which helped me a lot. Very professional – I expect to use Mor again and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Pedro Baez, President, PPAB Consultants

Mor has delivered a great product and ahead of schedule. During the process of creating the tool requested, Mor was patient and persistent on learning my needs, purpose and goal for the tool, before he started the creative process. His attention to detail was keen and productive. I will continue to use his services as other projects become necessary.

Feel free to contact me

I'm waiting to hear from you. email me directly at [email protected]. You can also find me on LinkedIn and my Facebook Page.


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