5 surprising facts you may not know about Excel VBA

Are you an Excel user?
Ever heard of Excel Macros, or VBA?
What comes to mind when you hear that?
Here are 5 surprising facts you may not know about Excel VBA.
  1. Excel VBA is a complete software programming language. You can develop professional, top-notch business applications. Many of my customers work on Excel solutions for their mission-critical business needs, every day.

    Personal sales dashboard for increasing deals closure and meeting targets

  2. Excel VBA can work with external data sources, including all major Databases in the market, such as MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, and others. You no longer need to think in terms of "Worksheets" as a data storage - enjoy the benefits of a robust, scalable, manageable Database product with your Excel solutions. Many of my projects use MySQL as the Database, while Excel serves as the front-end.

    Data is stored in MySQL Database, presented within an Excel table

  3. With Excel VBA you can design professional looking screens as the user interface. These working screens can implement data validation, notifications, colors for highlighting important indicators, and much more! The attached picture is one such example.

    Intuitive, controlled User interface for focusing on the process task

  4. With Excel VBA you can access the Internet to consume published API's and even do Web-scrapping! As an example, I use a published service to automatically fetch up-to-date currency exchange rates into my programs.

    Web-scrapping of eBay for a list of items in search results

  5. With Excel VBA you can automate the MS-Office suite of applications, including sending an Outlook email, generating a dynamic PowerPoint presentation and Word report populated with Excel data.

    MS-Office reports automatically created and populated with Excel data

If any of the above points is new to you, I suggest you re-think Excel VBA. Maybe it's what you need to take your business to another level, without painful investments in costly software projects. Maybe you can become the Excel "Guru" in the office...


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