VBA As a Programming Language: Pros and Cons

Should you consider investing in learning Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications? It is so ubiquitous as it is supported by all MS-Office installations. However, it was not adopted as a general, all purpose programming language by the professional developers’ community. Who would benefit and what are the pros and cons of learning and becoming a professional VBA developer?

In my last blog post I offered a brief analysis of why VBA was not adopted by the professional developers’ community as an all-purpose business applications technology. You will not find too many...

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Why isn’t VBA Popular Amongst Software Programmers?

A glimpse at any major open positions board will quickly reveal VBA is not among the popular programming languages out there, when it comes to business applications. This is surprising, considering the fact it is the language used in MS-Access, a database-oriented applications development environment that is part of the MS-Office 365 Business Suite, and the underlying language of the other, most popular MS-Office Suite of applications.

Brief VBA History

Ever since it was introduced in 1993 with Excel 5.0, VBA hesitantly played in between two fields: Microsoft’s Office applications...

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Can Business Information Systems be Developed on Excel? YES!

Ask yourself: what can I do with the Excel I have on my computer? In most cases, the answer will be: maintain tables, compute with formulas, present data as charts, summarize tables by different variables. The advanced users among us will add: record a sequence of tasks and save as a “Macro” for automatic repetition. * Did you know that Excel offers a complete development environment allows for information systems for almost any purpose to be realized at a significant lower time and cost?

Every entrepreneur, business owner or a corporate manager knows that information systems...

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Welcome, pleased to meet :)

morsagmon Oct 07, 2019


Welcome and thank you for taking interest in myself and my offering to you.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my background.

Oh Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy

I was born on January 1969, in Israel, my homeland still today. As a young child I had an opinion about everything, and didn’t hesitate to ask questions. I was always seeking for the ultimate truth.

I did my best to improve the way the school operated and to enlighten my teachers with tips of dos and don'ts. I must have been an everyday subject of conversation in the teachers’ lounge... I am sure that the staff were...

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