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The Full Dev to QA to Prod Cycle with Excel VBA Projects

When developing, delivering and maintaining software solutions, you need to manage the Dev-QA-Prod cycle. This is no different when developing an Excel based application * Here’s how I do it

The Basics of Development Lifecycle

After you finish developing a scoped application, you need to pass it over to QA – Quality Assurance. The QA folks are abusing the software and document their exceptional findings: logical errors, software errors, user experience issues, environment conflicts, and the like. Often, issues classified as important will bounce back to development for fixing....

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105 Excel VBA Functions Explained: My New Course Launched Today

What makes this course unique * What is this course about * What did it take to produce this course * Is this course right for you?

Not that I planned to launch this new course when everybody is glued to the computer screen waiting for the Corona scare to pass by, but today is the day, and it’s out!

Those of you who follow me for a while, already know the wide portfolio of services and products I offer, all about developing business software with Excel VBA and leading many others to become such consultants.

IF you’ve completed my flagship course: Computer Programming with Excel...

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Excel VBA: Late Binding or Early Binding?

When using external function libraries in VBA, you need to choose between late biding and early biding * What is it, why chose one over the other and how is it done properly?

When the offered VBA functionality is not enough

With VBA you can flexibly write just the code you need for your program. It is a flexible, functional programming language that is also aware of the Excel Object Model. You can easily access and manipulate almost all of the Excel objects: Worksheets, Cells, Charts, Tables, Shapes, Printing settings and much more.

However, there are objects and tasks that are not readily...

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Career Options for Excel VBA Developers

What can you do as an Excel developer? Can you make a living out of it? Is it worth anything in the job market? Here’s my take…

What Kind of an Excel VBA Developer are You?

You might be surprised this question is even raised. Intuitively, once you’re an “Excel VBA Developer”, then you’re an “Excel VBA Developer”. Right?! Well, let’s look closer.

Consider Joe. Joe is an accountant in a large corporation. He is an avid Excel user, really stretching the grid and built-in functions. Joe started recording some Macros to automate some tasks....

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From a Developer’s Workshop: Developing the Ultimate Excel Date Picker

Making an attractive Excel product that runs on every Windows computer is challenging * What were my main considerations, tricks and compromises? Read on…

Most of you are probably already familiar with the recent addition to my Excel mastery offerings: The Ultimate Excel Date Picker. If you’re not, now is the time to pause and have a look: https://morsagmon.com/datepicker.

Product vs Project

Unlike a customer-specific project, the Date Picker is a standard product. What’s the difference, you’re asking? A project is designed to meet specific needs of a particular...

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Error Handling in Excel VBA: What, Why and How

Would you embark an airplane without safety doors, slides and oxygen masks? I won’t * While not a matter of life and death, I won’t deliver an Excel application without proper Error Handling. Here’s why, and a hands-on video on how to do it right

What is error handling?

Ever received an error message popping up from an application you had no idea what it means, what to do and what’s going to happen to your data you just entered? Maybe something like this:

How does it make you feel? Do you know what caused this error? Do you know how to avoid it next time? Do you...

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The HUGE performance difference: Worksheet cells vs. Arrays

excel excel-vba vba Jan 15, 2020
Need to update a large range of Worksheet cells using a Macro (VBA)?
Use an Array - don't loop the Worksheet cells!
The bottom line: 52 seconds or less than 1 second.

Arrays are a very important and popular data structures used in computer programming.

Manipulating arrays is extremely fast.

Updating Worksheet cells, one by one, is extremely slow.

Here’s an experiment that shows this in action

I set out to fill 500,000 cells with random numbers.

I did it in two ways:

Looping the cells, updating them one-by-one, took 52 seconds.

Looping an array, "throwing" the filled-up array to the...

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5 surprising facts you may not know about Excel VBA

Are you an Excel user?
Ever heard of Excel Macros, or VBA?
What comes to mind when you hear that?
Here are 5 surprising facts you may not know about Excel VBA.
  1. Excel VBA is a complete software programming language. You can develop professional, top-notch business applications. Many of my customers work on Excel solutions for their mission-critical business needs, every day.

    Personal sales dashboard for increasing deals closure and meeting targets

  2. Excel VBA can work with external data sources, including all major Databases in the market, such as MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, and others. You no...
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Creating dynamic dashboards in Excel

Creating a live dashboard is a skill combining data sourcing and staging (arrangement of the data to serve the dashboard elements), queries (typically SQL, or smart Excel functions), visual design, user experience and layout, and business requirements to be fulfilled. My students learn how to create beautiful, business dashboards.

I recently offered an answer on Quora to the question: How can you create a live dashboard with Excel for your clients? After submitting my answer, I thought my Blog readers may benefit from this as well, so here it is :)

Consider the following dashboard:

This is...

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Microsoft is Storming the Cloud. What’s the Future of VBA? Impressions and Thoughts from a Microsoft Meeting

Last Sunday was our monthly meeting at Microsoft's Offices in Raanana, Israel. We are Israel's Excel Masters - developers and trainers mostly. We meet once a month at Microsoft's office to learn new things and engage in discussions with Microsoft's managers * Below are my key takeaways and predictions from this meeting with Microsoft's Collaboration Customer Success Manager, Maor. Do we know what is the future of Excel VBA?

Cloud Cloud Cloud

Maor, who's leading the Collaboration Customer Success with the Large Enterprises in the local market, presented Microsoft's future (cloud, cloud,...

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