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Microsoft Office vs. Google Office Suite – How Will This Battle Turn Out?

Microsoft dominates the Enterprise. Google Offers native “cloud” office solutions. Microsoft is storming the cloud with full power. Google is widely used for email, web-search and gaining a foothold in Enterprise too. How will this play out?

The idea for this Blog post came as I was forwarded a similar question on Quora to answer. I’ll offer my perspective for the discussion on this question.

  1. Microsoft was always best at identifying new tech trends too late, but successfully bridge the gap and win the market. That’s because they’re much better as a marketing...
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Google Spreadsheets vs. Microsoft Excel: What Should You Choose?

You know an electronic spreadsheet is the right tool for your need, but you’re not sure which of the available products to choose. Two prominent options are suggested: Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel. Let’s make it easier for you

First, let’s consider your requirements. The following list will help us frame the discussion:

  • Do you need multiple users to concurrently work on the solution, or can one person at a time exclusively work on it?
  • Do you need pixel-perfect visual design with wide flexibility over fonts, colors, forms design etc.?
  • Does the solution needs to...
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