Frequently Asked Questions on the Excel VBA Inner Circle Program

I received many questions on The Excel VBA Inner Circle program since it was launched. I summarize here the most frequent questions and my answers to them.

Last week I published a Blog post I thought would be all you may need in order to choose the right Inner Circle plan for you.

However, I am still getting some questions from some Excel enthusiasts about the program.

Today’s post is dedicated to those still having questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:           I already learned Excel VBA and get along pretty well. Why should I...

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How the Excel VBA Inner Circle Came to Be?

These days, I am launching a unique home for Excel VBA enthusiasts and professionals. This is a result of a careful examination of the Excel VBA market, constant dialog with customers and years of projects, authoring and teaching. Here is the story of the Excel VBA Inner Circle.

Where do Excel VBA professionals Meet?

Microsoft Office is one of the most ubiquitous software serving almost every business and many individuals. In 2016, estimated 1.2 Billion Office users worldwide.

When I segmented for Excel AND VBA interest in Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook found 400,000...

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Welcome, pleased to meet :)

morsagmon Oct 07, 2019


Welcome and thank you for taking interest in myself and my offering to you.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my background.

Oh Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy

I was born on January 1969, in Israel, my homeland still today. As a young child I had an opinion about everything, and didn’t hesitate to ask questions. I was always seeking for the ultimate truth.

I did my best to improve the way the school operated and to enlighten my teachers with tips of dos and don'ts. I must have been an everyday subject of conversation in the teachers’ lounge... I am sure that the staff were...

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