Calling External Windows Functions (DLL) From Excel VBA

Windows offers tons of readily available functions that perform almost any task we need. Why not make use of it in our Excel VBA programs? * Here’s what you need to know about calling DLLs in Excel VBA

Modular Programming

As you recall from our computer programming lessons, one of the key concepts in good software design is modularity: breaking our code into functional subroutines or functions, each responsible for a specific task with a clear interface for calling it.

Once encapsulated in a self-contained function, this functionality can be re-used in many locations in your program....

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How to Create Your Own Web Service with Google Apps Script and Call it from Excel VBA

Ever needed to perform some Web task in service of your Excel VBA application? You can write your own web-service to do whatever you need * Popular use cases: access Google Sheets, Docs, Presentations, email and calendar from your Excel application!

Calling Web-services from Excel VBA

As I thoroughly explain and demonstrate in my online course: Beyond Excel Boundaries with VBA: Office, Files and Internet, you can send any HTTP request over an Internet connection from VBA using the WinHttp service library. Here’s a code snippet to send a request to some URL:


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Excel VBA: How to Check if Printer is Ready

Your VBA program needs to send out an original document to the printer. What if the printer is offline, or disconnected? Verify the printer is ready before printing or notify the user of a problem * Here’s the VBA function for that

Why check if the printer is ready?

The first situation in which I encountered the need to verify the printer is ready, was in an application I developed for small business management, in Excel.

In my home country, Israel, tax regulations dictate that the tax invoice confirming the receipt of a payment is printed exactly ONCE. This would be the ORIGINAL...

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Excel VBA: Restoring the State of the Application Before Returning Control to the User

When your VBA code finished its task and control is returned to the user – be sure to restore protection, hide Worksheets, enable events, reset the mouse cursor and turn on screen updating * here’s a Sub that will take care of that

A controlled environment for the user

The flexibility, diversity and power of Excel makes it a generic tool for almost any task. However, this richness of options and openness can put your data and business at risk.

Consider a large table you maintain in Excel. Mistakenly, you mis-typed a date to be: 05/10/20020. You didn’t notice. That row is...

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The Power of SQL Applied to Excel Tables for Fast Results

If you ever needed to query Excel tables (and who hasn’t) from your VBA programs that contained thousands of rows, or join multiple tables in the process – this is the Blog post you’ve been waiting for * Write complex SQL queries over Excel tables as if they were stored in a relational database

Do SQL and Excel go together?


SQL is the most popular Databases language. It is robust, proven and works with extremely large tables stored in any common relational Database software. If you want to learn more about Databases and SQL – read my last week’s Blog post...

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Excel VBA ParamArray: A Function That Handles Unknown Number of Arguments

excel excel-vba vba May 20, 2020
What if you need to accommodate an unknown number of arguments to be handled by a single function? As with most functional languages, VBA supports this using a ParamArray type * Here’s all you need to know about ParamArray

Passing Arguments to a Function

As you probably know, a function (or subroutine) can accept arguments (or parameters) from the calling function (or sub). These arguments are part of the definition (or “stub”) of the function. For example:

Function AddTwoNumbers(_
ByVal FirstNumber as Single, _
ByVal SecondNumber as Single) as Single

The above function...

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Excel VBA User Forms – A Game Changer

What separates an Excel model from a professional business application? Besides good programming practices it’s the user experience * Excel VBA User Forms allow you to deliver mission-critical business applications that will make your customer WOW.

Today I launched my third course in the Computer Programming and Databases with Excel VBA and SQL program.  This course, titled Beyond Excel Boundaries with User Forms: Deliver a Professional User Experience, covers User Forms implementation as the user interface for Excel-based business applications.

This launch today made it an easy...

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The Full Dev to QA to Prod Cycle with Excel VBA Projects

When developing, delivering and maintaining software solutions, you need to manage the Dev-QA-Prod cycle. This is no different when developing an Excel based application * Here’s how I do it

The Basics of Development Lifecycle

After you finish developing a scoped application, you need to pass it over to QA – Quality Assurance. The QA folks are abusing the software and document their exceptional findings: logical errors, software errors, user experience issues, environment conflicts, and the like. Often, issues classified as important will bounce back to development for fixing....

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105 Excel VBA Functions Explained: My New Course Launched Today

What makes this course unique * What is this course about * What did it take to produce this course * Is this course right for you?

Not that I planned to launch this new course when everybody is glued to the computer screen waiting for the Corona scare to pass by, but today is the day, and it’s out!

Those of you who follow me for a while, already know the wide portfolio of services and products I offer, all about developing business software with Excel VBA and leading many others to become such consultants.

IF you’ve completed my flagship course: Computer Programming with Excel...

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Excel VBA: Late Binding or Early Binding?

When using external function libraries in VBA, you need to choose between late biding and early biding * What is it, why chose one over the other and how is it done properly?

When the offered VBA functionality is not enough

With VBA you can flexibly write just the code you need for your program. It is a flexible, functional programming language that is also aware of the Excel Object Model. You can easily access and manipulate almost all of the Excel objects: Worksheets, Cells, Charts, Tables, Shapes, Printing settings and much more.

However, there are objects and tasks that are not readily...

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