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The Ultimate Excel Date Picker

CONFIGURABLE: popup method, first day of the week, auto-tab, and more

BRANDABLE: 8 pre-designed themes to chose from, or fully customize to your brand

MULTI-PURPOSE: Works with User Forms and Worksheet Cells

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  Brand with your own colors

8 professionally designed themes to chose from.

Almost every element of the Date Picker can be set with the color of choice:

  • Header background
  • Navigation and drop-down controls background
  • Weekend days background
  • Weekdays background
  • Weekdays font
  • Today's background
  • Today's font
Placeholder Image
Placeholder Image

  Use with Worksheet cells containing dates

Configure for auto-popup or for in-cell button*

Auto best-fit positioning of the Date Picker next to the date cell

Date Picker title bar can be shown to allow manual re-positioning


 * Auto-popup only for password-protected Worksheets


  Use with User Forms

Complete the professional and friendly user experience you design with the auto-popping Date Picker

Auto best-fit positioning of the Date Picker next to the date cell

Supports the date format you need: 23/05/2023, 05/23/2023, 23-May-2023, 2023-05-23 or other

Placeholder Image
Placeholder Image

  Configure the Date Picker behavior to your needs

Works with Right-To-Left and Left-To-Right User Forms and Worksheets

Set the years offset to limit the drop-down list of years to the bounds you need

Set the first day of the working week

Configure auto-tab to the next cell upon selecting a date

The Date Picker VBA code is open for you to further adjust and develop!

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Easy installation and setup - 1 minute to see the beautiful Date Picker in your project!


1. Open the VBA Editor (ALT+F11) from your Excel Workbook

2. Import (CTRL+M) the two files you received: DatePicker.bas and DatePickerForm.frm

3. Copy/Paste a small code snippet to any Worksheet module / User Form


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