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My name is Mor Sagmon. 30 years ago, I co-authored a book teaching advanced Macros in Lotus 1-2-3 (it was the popular "Excel" before Excel came to be). Back then I delivered my first project: a financial reporting system for The 4 Seasons Hotel.

After graduating Computer Science, Information Systems and Databases at the Technion Institute of Technology, I continued delivering software projects implemented in a wide array of technologies.

Having served as the CIO of Avgol, a manufacturing company, I experienced leading complex IT projects from the other side: now as a customer.

The best school for me was probably my 15 years with the business software giant, SAP. After leading large software projects with customers such as Bose, Chevron, Shell Trading and others, I moved on to less technical positions, including business development, cutting-edge research,  academia relations manager, and sales operations.

Today I combine my unique experience and expertise in technology and business, and deliver beautiful, intuitive to use business software solutions, mainly built with Excel VBA and the MySQL Database. This extensive breadth of knowledge and experience with real business customers, enables me to offer you the top guidance possible in becoming a successful business software consultant, and an expert Excel VBA programmer.

Some of my customers throughout the years, include:

Here is what some of my customers tell...

Andrew Dove, Scotland

"I have to say that I am very impressed with your course.

The major positives that I have observed so far are:

  • Clarity of explanation

  • Obvious authority on the subject matter

  • Getting into the more advanced areas

  • Value for money"

Ping Chan, Hong Kong

"I enjoy taking the lessons as each concept is explained clearly with relevant examples. The structure of the lessons is very well organized so it is easy for me to find the topic I wish to review and reinforce my learning".

Tal White, Virginia, USA

"I’m impressed & enjoy going through each of your training modules.

My current project’s building an Excel front end for mass invoice creation & import into QuickBooks Enterprise (we grow flowers to sell to grocery & retailers).

After I work through all your training modules it will be time for some re-work!

Thank you again for the work you’ve put into your materials. ".

Darren Dickey, VP Sales, Hospitality Designs

"Mor is incredibly insightful. He thinks critically about the project and provides feedback and suggestions that improves on the scope. He was very responsive during the project and took great pride in the work he completed. I have no reservations in recommending him. I will be hiring him again for similar projects".


Rick Harris, Founder, Innovator-In-Chief, Customer Faithful Ltd

"Great working with Mor. He took time and effort to discuss exactly what I needed, including suggestions which helped me a lot. Very professional – I expect to use Mor again and would not hesitate to recommend him to others".

Pedro Baez, President, PPAB Consultants

"Mor has delivered a great product and ahead of schedule. During the process of creating the tool requested, Mor was patient and persistent on learning my needs, purpose and goal for the tool, before he started the creative process. His attention to detail was keen and productive. I will continue to use his services as other projects become necessary".

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