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Why Excel VBA is the BEST CHOICE for you

  • Be Competitive: deliver FAST, BUSINESS-GRADE solutions in half the time and cost compared to traditional technologies
  • Stand Out: very few professional VBA programmers out there
  • Easy to learn: one of the easiest languages to start with
  • Attractive opportunity for you: requires a small investment in learning with vast potential opportunities
  • Easy to sell: Excel is readily available on almost every computer

A 4-Course program, unmatched anywhere!

Computer Programming with Excel VBA

Learn Computer Programming while mastering one of the most ubiquitous business software: Microsoft Excel


Beyond Excel Boundaries with VBA: Office, Files and Internet

Extend your Excel VBA programs to integrate with MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, send Outlook emails, access the Internet and interface with other programs


Professional Business Applications Experience leveraging Excel VBA User Forms

Transform your Excel VBA applications into a controlled, professional business applications offering your clients a slick Windows application experience


Databases, SQL and Excel VBA for High-Performing, Robust, Scalable Business Applications

Offer world-class, high-performing, scalable and robust business applications and Excel solutions by mastering SQL with your VBA programs


Andrew Dove, Scotland


"I have to say that I am very impressed with your course.

The major positives that I have observed so far are:

  • Clarity of explanation

  • Obvious authority on the subject matter

  • Getting into the more advanced areas

  • Value for money


Personally, I am planning to make VBA development and Excel training a full time occupation by the end of this year.  As such I may well be interested in your supervision offering further down the line".

Watch Sample Lessons from the Course

Darren Dickey, VP Sales, Hospitality Designs

Mor is incredibly insightful. He thinks critically about the project and provides feedback and suggestions that improves on the scope. He was very responsive during the project and took great pride in the work he completed. I have no reservations in recommending him. I will be hiring him again for similar projects.

Rick Harris, Founder, Innovator-In-Chief, Customer Faithful Ltd

Great working with Mor. He took time and effort to discuss exactly what I needed, including suggestions which helped me a lot. Very professional – I expect to use Mor again and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Pedro Baez, President, PPAB Consultants

Mor has delivered a great product and ahead of schedule. During the process of creating the tool requested, Mor was patient and persistent on learning my needs, purpose and goal for the tool, before he started the creative process. His attention to detail was keen and productive. I will continue to use his services as other projects become necessary.

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