Personal Supervision by Mor Sagmon

If you are ready to win the career you deserve - you're not alone!

Thank you for your trust in me!

I can support at most 20 concurrent consultants, for a truly personal and serious supervision. The most ambitious, dedicated professionals will be selected.

Your Success is My Success!

  • Submit your business analysis documents and project code for my personal review and feedback.
  • Inform your customer you are supervised by me - you are not alone! (submitting your analysis document and code for my review is required).
  • Post unlimited questions specific to your projects for the supervised consultants and myself to address and advise.
  • Follow In-depth webinars, podcasts and documents exposing my work process, way of thinking and real-life experiences, added on a regular basis.
  • Be part of the Inner Circle.

Mor Sagmon

Having started my own business was challenging, and I had 30 years of vast experience in my bag!

Finding customers, building rapport, devising operations, marketing, sales, development and financial processes and standards.

Mastering the technology, understanding user experience, delivering robust, business-grade solutions, supporting my customers.

Out of my personal path, bearing scars and trophies, highs and downs, zero income months and 5-digit income months - I'm here to support you build your future.


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