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Win projects with business executives, analyze their needs, design, develop and deliver beautiful software solutions
Earn $100/hour and even more as a freelancer

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Foundation training that will make you a skilled business information systems consultant and developer. Learn computer programming and databases with Excel VBA and SQL


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Understand what is a business, how it works, analyze business requirements, speak the customer language. Start with the FREE Business First series guides


Be Supervised By Me

Submit your work for my review, consult about your projects and get insight into my work and way of thinking.
* by invitation to 20 select consultants only.


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Discover how to become your customers' most trusted advisor by speaking their language, understanding their business motivation and challenges. I packed my 35 years of experience into the Business First Series guides that will reveal to you everything you need to know about your potential customers' businesses.

Your New Career Starts Today


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